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Current Visa Fraud Alerts

All Coastal Credit Union cardholders can have peace of mind that their cards are being monitored 24/7 for potential fraudulent activity.

Credit and Debit cards are convenient to carry, easy to use and perfectly safe as long as you take precautions to monitor your accounts.  A delay in reporting fraudulent charges could cost you; so stay on top of your account activities to stop fraudulent charges immediately.  Keep in mind that anytime access is now easier than ever with Internet Teller and our Mobile App.  Feel free to call our office should you have any additional questions.  228-432-0284. 

If your debit card is lost or stolen call the credit union immediately.  To report your card lost or stolen after hours, call 866-546-8273.

If our fraud department determines there may be fraudulent transactions on your debit card they will call you from 800-417-4592.  You may also receive a text from 32874 or email from the Falcon fraud department. They will freeze your card until you or a representative of the credit union can validate your transactions. 

Its very important to keep your phone numbers up-to-date.